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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for the young people of our Borough

Children and Family Support

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We offer support to children, young people and their families to make sure you get the right support from the right service at the right time.


Support for your family - You can.....we'll help

Sometimes your family may need extra support from services who can work with you and your family to offer help and find solutions.

Someone who works with your child may suggest an Early Help Assessment, or you can ask for one if you think your family needs some support. The process will ensure that everybody involved with your family such as a school or health professional will work together to support an action plan that you and your family agree to.

Working through an Early Help Assessment gives you and your family a voice and gathers all the information in one form. This means you should only have to tell your story once. The assessment looks at what is already working well, but identifies the areas where support may be needed and help can be offered.

A range of help, support and children services can be offered in areas, such as:

  • Child behaviour and establishing routines
  • Parenting advice and courses
  • Family relationships
  • Housing
  • Child development
  • Positive play and activities
  • Managing budgets/debt advice
  • Help to access training and employment

You can request support by completing our online Request for Support in Early Help Form or  complete the form manually and email it to [email protected]You can also contact the Early Help Team on 01642 526526.