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am happy to announce that we are launching our Bight Minds Big Futures (BMBF) blog! Here we can keep the wonderful people of Stockton-on-Tees up to date with all the amazing things we get up to.

I was elected the Chair of The Big Committee in September of 2018, after we took over from Stockton Youth Assembly, and as the chair it is my honour to write our first post.

Over the last few months the entire committee and wider BMBF have been tirelessly working on our “Big Plan”. In simple terms, it is The Big Committee’s “manifesto” of wants and needs that have been brought forward to us by the young people of the borough. Within it we list the issues facing young people in our area and then exactly how we will go about achieving them and the support we would need from Stockton Council. I am delighted to announce that, after an outstanding presentation to Cabinet, The Big Plan was approved and given fantastic feedback from Stockton Council and council leader Bob Cook directly.

On behalf of the committee I would like to say how much of an honour it was to present to Cabinet and we were grateful for the time dedicated to face the issues effecting young people in the borough.

If this wasn’t fantastic already, the very next day on Friday, 8 March, five BMBF representatives, including myself, and our coordinator, Jane Webb, travelled to London for the “British Youth Councils: Youth Star Awards” after winning the award for “Best Youth Led Organisation in The North East” and then nominated for the same award on a national scale.

After a long journey and a quick stop to the Harry Potter Store, we arrived at the venue for a quick buffet lunch, and the awards commenced. It was fantastic to see all the amazing projects ran by young people in the UK and all the hard work put into giving young people a voice. When our category was finally announced, we were all on the edge of our seat! The nominations were read out… waiting with anticipation and then… we only went and won! I was so proud of the entire Committee and the wider BMBF team for all the fantastic hard work they do.

So if I do say so, I think March has been an overwhelmingly fantastic month for BMBF and I look forward to many more months of work with them. 

Kameron Spence

The Chair of The Big Committee