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Big plans for the young people of our Borough

Big plans for the young people of our Borough


There are a number of disruptions to Council services because of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please check the link below before accessing any of our services.

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Every single child in the Borough is important to us. So we are determined to give each and every one of them as many opportunities as we can to help them be the very best they can be in life.

We’ll do all we can to protect those children who need our care and we’ll keep striving to provide the best in education.

To give them the confidence to grow into valued, respected and included members of the community. Our promise is that not one child in this Borough will be knowingly forgotten or let down. We’re on with it.

This page will be updated with information about our policies and plans so that you are able to keep up to date with key developments.


Scrutiny of Children and Young People's Policies

The Council's Children and Young People Select Committee monitors and evaluates the way in which we work and how policies are being implemented and developed.

Our Health and Wellbeing Board are responsible for making sure that we have the policies, framework and services in place across the Borough to keep our children and young people safe and happy.


Policies, Strategies and Plans

Read more about our plans in the Children's Services Strategy 2019 - 2023

  • Supplementary Guidance to Support the Equality Statement and Single Equality Scheme 2017 - 2019 (Updated version coming soon)