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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for great experiences

Simplyhealth Great Tees 10k Ambassadors

Meet the volunteers who are raving about the Simplyhealth Great Tees 10k coming to Stockton-on-Tees!

Local people, from all walks of life, have answered the call to become special ambassadors for the Simplyhealth Great Tees 10k.

More than 30 people have signed up to take on the role in the build-up to Saturday 8 September, where they’ll join hundreds of people on the 10k run which hugs the banks of the Tees and takes in some of Stockton-on-Tees’ iconic sights such as the Infinity Bridge and Tees Barrage.

The volunteers are promoting the event at various other races and days out across the country to encourage people to sign-up and demonstrate the positive health and social benefits running can bring.

Read about some of our volunteers below!


Richard Kilty

A Stockton boy born and bred, Richard Kilty attended Northfield School and Sports College, winning two English Schools 100m titles as well as a National Junior 100m title during his years there. As a senior athlete Richard is one of the most well-known to arise from the Stockton area, winning the World Indoor Championship title in 2014 and European titles in 2015 & 2017. As a member of Team GB he won the 4 x 100m relay gold medal at the 2014 European Championship and a silver for Team England at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Richard still lives in in Stockton with his wife Dovile (2015 European U23 Triple Jump Champion) and their son, Richard Jr.



Janice Kelly

Janice works at Shotton Colliery School and delivers a cross country club at lunch times. She is very passionate about running, motivating others to join her in runs in Seaham, Peterlee. Janice regularly does 5k and 10k races in and around the Tees Valley and also runs in the Durham area.



Anita Savage Grainge

Anita is a member of Orchard Eagles running Club, and has LIRF Qualifications leading on 2 running groups per week. She also volunteers at Tees Barrage Parkruns.

Currently running 4-5 times a week across the Borough, Anita has raced in Darlington, GNR, Manchester, Ireland and Spain. Anita wants to use her experience as a community runner to spread the word of the Simplyhealth Great Tees 10k.



David Barugh

With years of running experience, David runs for a local running club and is LIRF trained. He runs 4-5 times a week has ran the Great North Run 6 times. He has also completed an Ultra Run of 32 miles, several half marathons, 5k trail races and many more.

David is passionate about running runs all around the Tees Valley and North Yorkshire areas.



Dr Peter Philips

Peter is a member of Loftus and Whitby Running Club, and has 4 years’ experience of running variety of distances along trails including 55k. he has competed in Scotland, Wales and local races. He also regularly volunteers at races and parkruns.



Philip Connor

Run and coach at Elvet Striders in Durham. Worked with Events of the North, lead on 'Start me up Projects' for both the sunderland and the 10k Durham events. Coaches running groups, was involved in the steve cram running camp at Kielder water. The projects have seen over 300 runners take part with 100% going on to take part in the actual event! Would be a great role model and very passionate about the amassador role. Have organised running groups with the NHS and local authority.



Ray Charmichael

Runs for Sedgefield Harrriers, participates in weekly parkrunus and volunteers. Competes in local races in and around the Tees Valley and North Yorkshire areas. Have participated in all distances from 5k through to marathons, on trails as well as roads. I am willing to travel around to different parkruns to spread the word. I am proactive on social media sites. I have a lot of future runs in my calendar.



Gary Grounds

Gary has been running since in his nappies, does weekly parkruns, trail races and road races around the Tees Valley and North Yorkshire areas.

He is now a member of Hartlepool Running Club and wants to promote the event in his professional life at Stockton Riverside College.



Neil Simon

Neil participates in triathlons, duathlons, parkruns and plenty of races in and around the Tees Valley.

Previously an ambassador for the Stockton Cycling Festival, Neil will be using his experience to promote the event again.



Paul Johnson

A coach at Stockton Striders running club every week, Paul participates in parkruns and works with those with learning difficulties with Mind.

Paul has experience with races around the Tees Valley and North Yorkshire areas.




Liz Simpson

Liz runs for Stockton Striders Club and participates at runs in the local areas such as Yarm, Eaglscliffe and Stockton.

She runs and volunteers at Parkruns - mostly around Tees Barrage. Liz runs 4-5 times a week and has previously completed races such as London Marathon and the Great North Run.



Danny Woodgate

I started running in August 2017 as a means to help me lose weight and become fitter. I had joined Slimming World and felt I wanted an activity to help me boost my weight loss. In total I have lost over 11st, ran 37 park runs and two 10k’s, in addition to training for both the Great Tees 10k and the Great North Run (the following day!). In addition to this I have been able to reverse the effects of Type 2 Diabetes with my new found active lifestyle.

I wanted to join the Ambassador Team to be able to share my story and show people that no matter what age or level of fitness or ability, running can have the most positive effect on your life, health and wellbeing. Oh, and it’s completely free!



Sarah Foster

Sarah does weekly parkruns and is a Licensee for SRDI leading on running groups in Stockton and Saltburn. She has a passion for running and wants to share her passion to everyone.



Jas Lang

Jas works for Stockton Borough Council and participates in the Council’s running group. She is already signed up for the Great Tees 10k and regularly runs around her home town.



Hugh Lang

When I was in my 20s and 30s I did a lot of running, mainly marathons and some half marathons. I was and still am proud to this day of my best ever marathon time which was 3 hrs 15 minutes. My running for the next couple of decades took a back seat to work and family but then my wife Jas and I started training together. We started by doing our first training run in Ropner Park (we couldn’t even run 1 mile without multiple stops!) and worked our way from 5 k to 10 k runs and eventually to half marathon events (the Great North Run and the Great Scottish Run). Training for these events meant running 14 mile training runs at least twice before each event itself!

More recently our running has taken a back seat to our new hobby - Kayaking - so when I saw the opportunity of becoming a Great Run Ambassador, I volunteered so that I could both get back into the running groove and to help promote what I know will be a great event for Stockton. Jas and I are proud to wear our Ambassador jackets when out and about – it’s a great talking point to get people engaged in conversation and to help promote the run!



Declan Munnelly

I am proud to come from this area, and I have absolutely felt the benefit of running and hope to pass on my enthusiasm and love for it, and that is why I feel I would be a perfect candidate for a Great Tees Ambassador.

I will be running my 25th park run tomorrow and it has now become a focal point of my week. In addition to this I run several mornings a week around Thornaby or Tees Barrage and I am now starting to enter larger races.



Gemma Harcombe-Moore

Gemma runs 5-6 times a week and is a member of Hartlepool Running Club. She is very proactive in getting people running including students from Teesside Uni. She is involved with weekly parkruns, XC runs and races in and around the Tees Valley and North Yorkshire. Gemma is very passionate about running and engaging people into the sport.



Rosie Dawson

A member of Billingham Marsh House Harriers, Rosie has ran the Great North Run and runs with her daughters. In total she has completed 4 marathons, runs weekly parkruns and other local races. Rosie is very passionate about running and it literally “runs in the family”.



Martin Pout

Ironman, marathon runner, park runner, nappy changer and lover of chips. Life is all about balance! As a dad of young twins I find running ideal as all I need is a spare hour and a pair of trainers. Plus, with a recent purchase of a running buggy I can now run, spend time with the boys and gain some serious brownie points from my wife by taking the boys out for early morning runs at the weekend! I believe running is for all and it doesn’t matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone who are just sat at home on the sofa.



Andrew Featherstone

Andrew was an ambassador for the Stockton Cycling Festival last year. Race Director at Albert Park Parkrun, runs many parkruns across the Tees Valley including running races. Works as a teacher in a primary school.



Dr Helen Godrey

Helen has almost achieved 100 parkruns, runs regularly and participates in 5k trail races, participate in 10k events and am a member is a community running group 'Patters'.

As a GP she is constantly trying to engage patients and colleagues into running, and is always promoting in the surgery.



Jenny Munson

I’m an activities coach for young children and very passionate about the fitness industry. I started running at the young age of 7, when my mum joined myself and my 2 older sisters into a running club, to be honest I wasn’t that interested in running I just wanted to be the same as my sisters. I turned out to be quite good at it and ran for the county taking home 3 trophies, as did my sisters. Fast forward to my mid 20’s I’ve always kept myself active and kept up with my fitness, I often used to prep a little paddling pool in the garden, go for a 3 mile run then go straight out the back and put my feet in the pool with a coffee in one hand food in the other all before heading out to work.

I’m now in my late 30’s and I’ve taken part in various different charity runs including four Great North Runs, five Race For Life events and several assault courses. I’m enthusiastic, I love encouraging others and keeping them motivated. I find it a great personal achievement helping others to get involved and taking part in any up and coming event, especially when whole families can get involved and take part together.



Vicky Fawcett

I didn’t even like running when I was at school, but absolutely love it now! As a Leisure and Sports Development Officer I didn’t attempt my first run as an adult until I was in my thirties, but as they say age is just a number and it really is, it’s never too late to start anything! My first experience of running in my thirties wasn’t a great one, until I learned how to run, now I can’t stop. I even became a member of a local Running Club (now running for Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers). Once I grew the love of running and cycling I have since completed various duathlons and triathlons along the way, I am just addicted.

I am so passionate about running I wanted to teach other women how to run so ‘Sisters R Doing It’ was born over 2 years ago. There is nothing more rewarding and motivating than to see other people benefit and enjoying their running. The world of running is so full of positivity, a great way of socialising and fantastic for your Health & Well-being. I just hope I can still get my trainers on I receive my letter from the Queen when I reach 100!



David Jukes

Ran 1000 miles in 50 weeks for charity, engaging and interacting with running stars through social media such as Ally Dixon and Jo Pavey. Nominated for a national charity award, sponsored by Mountain Warehouse. Setting up running challenges, engaging 125 runners to participate. Health & Well-being rep at work (Teesside magistrates court) organise many charity events, won a local voluntary service award. Core event team at Stewards Parkrun, been run director, and various other parkruns, boat loads of 5k, 10k half marathons and marathon up and down the country. Very passionate about running.



Chris Walker

Runs 3-4 times a week, has completed 20 half marathons up and down the country, 170 parkruns. Mainly run around home town in Ingleby Barwick and the wider stockton areas. Very active on strava with 700 followers, very proactive with the local parkrun community, if not running then is volunteering. have raised over 6k for charity through running. Can use Strava and Parkrun so engage and promote event. Member of NYMAC running club. Very passionate about running!



Tracey Russell

After avoiding exercise for most of my life, at the age of 49 I decided it was time to take control of my fitness. I attended one of the beginners running programmes ran by SBC and following my positive experience decided I would like to pass on my new found passion for running to others. Now I am the Run leader for ‘Sisters R Doing It’ Redcar Beginners & Guisborough Beginners and have the great opportunity to support fabulous ladies to start their running journey and achieve their own personal running goals. It’s all good!


Simon Wood

4 years ago I couldn’t run to the bathroom without being out of breath or picking up a stitch then I signed up to the great north run from then on I was hooked. Now I’m out running 13.1 miles in fancy dress just for the fun of it. Its right what they say, running is addictive I’ve found this out first hand and have even got my 5 year old daughter addicted too. I love nothing more than sticking my headphones in and getting lost in a long run even more so when there is a medal at the end it makes it all the more rewarding.




Bernie Bousefield

Passionate about sport and following the local football teams, Bernie Volunteers at the Sporting STEPs Programme during a Tuesday’s session.

As an employee of Stockton Council, Bernie joined the SBC beginners running programme last year and found a love for running, he has since gone on to join the aspiring group and plans to train for 10k runs.


Alistair Davy

At school I was made to run in my lunch breaks as a punishment. That was pretty often and I loathed it.

It was not until I was in my very late 30s that I ever ran again - except to catch the odd bus or train on occasion. Back then running shoes were pretty basic and relatively inexpensive. All you had to do was put one foot in front of the other and go flat out ... right? Well no!

Now, at the age of very nearly 70 I run for a whole variety of reasons but mostly because I love to run. I run for my club Leeds City AC. I pull on my vest with immense pride to promote both running and my club anywhere in the country. I have learned over the years that running is a unique activity. It transcends class, nationality, gender, ability and a whole lot more. You can make it what you want, be it for competition, for socialising, for fitness, for vanity, for getting away from it all and just flowing along in the country or your favourite urban landscape. Very few other sports offer those opportunities for such a small cost, and all from your own front door.

Running is an essential part of my life. It's not for everyone. Anyone can and should try it for themselves. My philosophy about it is best summed up in the words of Nike, "Just Do It". You will never regret it.




Steve Clift

My love of running is a relatively recent one, after spending most of my school years trying to get out of doing cross country in PE. Having moved to the North East around 15 years ago I hadn’t run since those days of PE many years before. Then around 4 years ago a friend of mine started running as a means of coping with stress during a difficult period for them and really seemed to be enjoying it. I thought I’d give it a go and went and ran 2 miles, I couldn’t believe what I’d been missing and injuries aside, I haven’t looked back.

Due to work commitments I had, until recently, ran alone from home, or on lunch breaks with colleagues. Due to a change role I have been able to join Stockton Striders and have found all aspects of my running has developed significantly.

I work in an office looking out over the River Tees and it’s a perfect setting for running; I would urge anyone to get up and give it ago. It’s not easy to start with but the benefits both physical and mental are worth sticking with it through the tough first runs.