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Charlton’s Pond

charltons pond a

A peaceful, secluded nature reserve with two ponds, areas of woodland and grassland, a network of easy access footpaths and a small car park. 

Charlton’s Pond is a popular site for walking and angling, and for birdwatchers there is always plenty to see on the lake or in the woodland. 

Charlton’s Pond is the oldest designated nature reserve in the Tees Valley, dating back to the creation of a ‘bird sanctuary’ in 1968.  However, the site has a much longer history, being named after a Mr. Charlton who originally leased the site from the church in 1912 for the purpose of angling.  



Main entrance and car park can be accessed from Hereford Terrace, off Cowpen Lane, Billingham.


Opening Times

Open daily.


Location Details

Charlton's Pond

Charlton's Pond