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Stockton Council Events have put together some information and guidance notes that as an Event Organiser you may find useful and informative when planning your event.

The Events Service have years of experience in all aspects of event planning, organisation and delivery and would like to share with you some of their hard-earned knowledge, experience and practical tips. The information is relevant to organisations and individual event organisers wishing to arrange an event on land owned or managed by Stockton Council, However the guidance and principles contained within the pack can be used for all events regardless of size, or location, however some parts may not be relevant for very small events.

This guide gives general advice that can be used when arranging any type of event. However, just remember that events can be extremely diverse, ranging from a simple car boot sale, to a large outdoor carnival and therefore this guidance cannot be considered exhaustive. It is likely that additional guidance will be required for specialist events and larger scale activities.


Code of practice

For larger events there will be a need to comply with guidance particularly the Code of Practice for Outdoor Events published by the National Outdoor Events Association Tel: 01749 674531, which gives advice on structures, marquees, tents and electrical matters as well as much more.  The HSE Guide to Safety at Events known as the ‘Purple Guide’ is also a very useful reference document.


Event Organisers responsibilities

Please remember that organisers of events have a legal responsibility to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of any employees, volunteer helpers or contractors involved in arranging the event as well as to the public and participants attending. The best way of dealing with this is by carrying out risk assessments. Potential hazards associated with the event should be identified, the level of risk assessed, and appropriate action taken to reduce these risks to an acceptable level. All events must comply with recognised safety standards, this also applies to all third parties who provide equipment/supplies for your event and any contractors or traders attending your event. It is your responsibility to ensure all their documentation is in place and up to date before you allow them onto your site.


Event Guidance and Information

To support event organisers in working through this sometimes complicated and complex process we have identified main stages to event planning, Step 1 is the pre-planning phase, getting yourself organised, Step 2 actually planning and organising the event, Steps 3 and 4 are your final preparations and checks, dotting your I’s and crossing the T’s.

For additional support we have created an Event Planning check list to ensure you have covered everything and in addition there is a Health and Safety check list just to make sure you fully check your site before opening to the public and that your findings are fully documented for future reference.