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Crucial Crew

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Crucial Crew is a nationwide initiative which was first launched in 2005. It aims to teach year 6 pupils about personal safety and encourages them to become role models for younger pupils in demonstrating safe behaviour. Every primary school in Stockton-on-Tees is invited to take part in the event. 

The event includes six different scenarios throughout the morning or afternoon, which are led by a range of agencies. Each session will focus on a specific area of personal safety and will last approximately 15 minutes each.

The outcome is that pupils will leave the event with an awareness of how to stay safe and also how to pass the message of personal safety on to the younger members of their school community. 


What does it involve?

Every Primary School within Stockton-on-Tees is invited to spend half a day in September at the chosen location (within a 2 week time period), with the aim of working through a series of real-life scenarios related to personal safety, in a fun and creative way.

Each subject has a specific message and safety warnings which are there to help prevent injury and lower risk. The messages are delivered by qualified professionals, from a range of agencies, through presentations, scenarios, props and videos. 

The children work in small groups under supervision, during the half day session they tackle a host of educational scenarios. At the end of each scenario the children are briefed on how they respond to the challenge and are given helpful advice and tips to remember. 

Please note, transportation to the venue is not provided. Schools will need to organise their own way to and from the venue based on the allotted time slot.



Cleveland Fire Brigade – Fire Safety and Firework Safety

This session aims to address all aspects of Fire Safety including fire prevention and safety in the home, responding to a fire and building escape and the severity of hoax calls. This is displayed as a bedroom set up where pupils must identify the safety issues that could cause a fire. The firework session aims to address handling fireworks and safety issues around the use of fireworks e.g. proximity and handling.

Stockton Borough Council Community Safety Team – Anti-Social Behaviour

This session aims to address the criminal responsibility of pupils from the age of 10 and over. It focuses on the idea that they are now of prosecuting age and looks at the experience of being arrested and the consequences, for example, sentencing and secure centres for young people. A new element to this session for 2017 will also include an introduction to the dangers of drugs and alcohol including peer pressure and the legal ramifications of being caught with an illegal substance. 

Northern Powergrid – Electricity Safety

This session aims to provide an overview of electricity safety including the effects of high voltages, information about warning signs, and advice on actions to take in the event of an emergency, and will identify potential dangers relating to electricity. The proposed outcome of the session is that pupils leave with the knowledge of the key differences between household and high voltages and how to stay safe and avoid danger.

Cleveland Police – Internet Safety

This session aims to address key issues around online safety including staying safe on social media, gaming and other online platforms while communicating with other users and sharing personal information and imagery online. It will focus on safety in developing friendships online and provide advice on how to stay safe whilst enjoying the use of social media.

Stockton Borough Council Road Safety – Road Safety

This session aims to address the importance of paying attention to your surroundings when close to a road or highway. Pupils will look at potential distractions, for example Pokémon Go, which they may encounter in their day to day lives and the potential dangers of these distractions when close to roads. The proposed outcome is that pupils leave the session with awareness of road safety and avoiding distractions when crossing or playing near to roads and highways. 


2017 Crucial Crew Events


Monday 04 September – Friday 15 September 2017


Billingham Adult Education Centre

Stockton Council Learning and Skills

Billingham Community Centre

The Causeway


TS23 2DA


AM and PM sessions each day.

9.30am - 11.30am

1pm - 3pm


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Date and time allocation is on a first come first served basis, we will always try to accommodate Schools where possible.

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