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Customer feedback and complaints policy


The Council recognises that receiving appropriate support when making a complaint is important for some individuals. The nature of certain complaints may lead to some complainants feeling that they would like another individual's support to guide them through the process or represent them. The information below provides details on the support available when making a complaint.

Advocacy support and representation

An advocate or representative is someone who can submit complaints on your behalf and can support you through the process, this may be a family member or relative, an organisation, a solicitor or a Councillor/Member of Parliament. This can include where people feel they need support in relation to mental health and well-being or disabilities. An advocate's role is to listen to your views and concerns and help you to explore your options. They can provide information to help you make an informed decision, accompany you to meetings and contact the Council on your behalf. An advocate should not give their personal opinion, try to make decisions for you or make judgements about you.

More information can be found on Customer feedback and complaints.


Members of Parliament (MPs) and Councillors

You may ask a Member of Parliament (MP) or Elected Members/Councillors for support in making a complaint. MPs or Elected Members/Councillors who state that they are acting on behalf of the complainant will be assumed to have consent to do so. Complaint responses may be disclosed to the individual representing their constituent without the Council needing the complainant's written authority.


Making a complaint on behalf of someone else

If you would like to make a complaint on someone else's behalf, before accepting the complaint the Council will need to confirm that you have the authority to do so. If the individual has the ability to make decisions in their own right, the Council needs to ensure that they have provided their consent for you to act on their behalf. This is because providing you with a response may involve disclosing personal information relating to the individual and therefore the Council needs to ensure that the rights of the individual are protected. The Council will contact the individual to ask them to complete and sign a consent form. In circumstances where the individual does not have the capacity to complain in their own right, the Council will ask you to provide relevant documentation to confirm that you have the relevant powers to act on their behalf. This may include documentation such as Power of Attorney. If you are unsure what documentation you need to provide, please contact the Council using the details at the end of this document and you will be advised further.


Accessibility and additional languages

The Council wants all of its customers to feel that they are able to send their feedback and/or complaints for consideration. Please contact us on 01642 527521 or email if you require information provided in large font, translated into Braille, or into another language, or if you have any other additional requirements which you would like the Council to consider when corresponding with you.