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Customer feedback and complaints policy

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Joint responses

If a complaint relates to more than one service area within the Council, a lead service will be agreed and a coordinated response will be prepared. One response will be provided to your complaint. There is a joint protocol between local authorities and health partners with respect to dealing with complaints that cover both health and local authority joint service provision. This protocol will be used to determine how your complaint will be handled. You will be notified with a point of contact and an expected response date.


Collective complaints

Where appropriate complaints made by a number of individuals on the same subject will be dealt with as one investigation. It may be appropriate for each complainant to receive a response directly unless a representative has been nominated on behalf of the individuals.


Withdrawing a complaint

You may withdraw your complaint at any time by contacting the Council using the details at the end of this policy. Consideration will be given as to whether the concerns raised need to be fully investigated, for instance if there were safeguarding concerns relating to you or other individuals.


Deceased individuals

In circumstances where the individual is deceased and you would like to make a complaint about the service they have received, the Council will require you to provide documentation to confirm that you have been granted the right to their personal information. Documentation may include Grant of Probate or a Letter of Administration. If you are unsure what documentation you need to provide, please contact the Council using the details at the end of this policy document and you will be advised further.


Adoption Tees Valley or complaints relating to adoption services

Complaints relating to Adoption Tees Valley (adoption agency) must be referred directly to Adoption Tees Valley in the first instance, more details can be found on the Adoption Tees Valley website. Stage 1 (Investigation) will be undertaken by Adoption Tees Valley and any complaints which progress to Stage 2 (Review) will be undertaken by the Council.


Appeal and Complaints Committee

In exceptional circumstances a Senior Officer/Manager may use their discretion to refer a complaint to the Appeals and Complaints Committee (comprising of Elected Members/Councillors) for consideration. You will be informed if your complaint is appropriate for consideration by this Committee and of the relevant timescales.