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Customer feedback and complaints policy

Stage 2 - review

Complaints at Stage 2 will be reviewed by a Senior Council Officer or Manager and responded to within 20 working days of the Council receiving a request to escalate the complaint to Stage 2.

The 20 working days will begin the day after your request for Stage 2 has been received. An acknowledgement will be provided within three working days of your request for a Stage 2 review. This will provide a confirmation that your complaint will be reviewed at Stage 2 and the expected response date. If your complaint is not appropriate for review at Stage 2, you will be informed of the reasons why and your options for next steps.

Stage 2 will involve a review of the response which was provided at Stage 1 to ensure that the response was accurate, thoroughly investigated and opportunities to resolve the matter have been adequately considered.

A Stage 2 response will contain the contact details for the complaints regulator, the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO) who you may want to contact should you remain dissatisfied.