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Customer feedback and complaints policy

Stage 1 - investigation

Complaints considered at Stage 1 will be investigated by a Council Officer and responded to in writing within 25 working days of either a request for consideration at Stage 1 following Early Resolution being received, or of the Council receiving a complaint (if Early Resolution was not deemed appropriate). The 25 working days will begin the day after your complaint has been received. You will receive an acknowledgement advising you of the Council's response date and a reference number (if you have not been previously provided with one as part of Early Resolution).

Stage 1 involves a Council Officer undertaking an investigation into the issue(s) raised and providing you with a response. You will be informed at the earliest opportunity if there are going to be any delays in providing a response by the expected response date.

Details will be provided on how to request that your complaint is considered at Stage 2 of the Council's procedure, should you remain dissatisfied. Requests for complaints to be reviewed at Stage 2 must include the reasons for your request to progress to the next stage and also your desired outcome. This will be given consideration to determine if it is appropriate for further investigation at Stage 2. The Council recommends that complainants submit their requests for consideration of their complaint at Stage 2 within 20 working days of receiving the complaint response.