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Registration Services performance

Key Performance Indicators - 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023

Registration timelinesNational targetPerformance rating
% of births registered within 42 days98%

Compliant 99%

% of still-births registered within 42 days98%Compliant 100%
% of deaths with MCCDs (no coronial involvement) registered within 5 days90%Compliant 91%


Availability of appointments (within days of request)National targetPerformance rating
Births and declarations within 5 working days95%

Compliant 97%

Still-births within 2 working days95%Compliant 100%
Deaths and declarations within 2 working days95%Compliant 99%
Notices of marriage and civil partnership within 10 working days to allow the marriage or civil partnership to proceed at a time and venue of the customer's choice where reasonable and practical95%Compliant 100%


Customer satisfactionNational targetPerformance rating
% of customer satisfaction (responses taken from returned surveys)95%

Compliant 99%