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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for the care we provide

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List of disability support services

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Stockton Borough Council has a range of teams delivering support to people with disabilities, which you will find listed here.

However if you are contacting us with a request for services then please get in touch with our First Contact Team and they will know how to deal with your request.

Contact the First Contact Team

Telephone: 01642 527764

Fax: 01642 527756

Minicom: 01642 527769



Intermediate Care Service

We provide support and rehabilitation through our Intermediate Care Service to help people regain their functioning resulting from illness, disability or injury.

Read the Intermediate Care and Reablement Home Care Services brochure for further information. 


Support for People with Learning Disabilities

Our Service for adults with learning disabilities is made up by two teams, the Care Management Team and the Resources Team. Each team comprises a range of professional support staff including doctors, nurses, social workers and therapists.


Sensory Support Team

The Sensory Support Team offers advice and information to clients with a sensory loss i.e. clients with a visual impairment, clients who are hard of hearing, clients who are deaf and those with dual sensory loss. Support and guidance are provided by specialist social workers and include:

  • assessment of needs
  • equipment to assist daily living
  • signposting to local support groups
  • registration of impairment, where appropriate

The team employs specialist mobility/rehabilitation officers who provide advice and training in independent living skills, communication and orientation and mobility to enable people to be as independent as possible. We also run an Independence Plus Course which provides information and support to clients who are experiencing difficulties due to significant failing sight, or who have recently been registered as partially sighted or blind. Their carers are also welcome to attend.

And you may find the following leaflets helpful. You can download the leaflets here or you can request any of these leaflets on line and we will send them to you.


Stockton Information Directory

The Stockton Information Directory provides information and advice on a range of services and opportunities for adults across the borough of Stockton. The wide range of services include information and advice on where local groups or leisure activities are taking place, what help you can get to remain in your own home as well as housing and care home information, and much more.

Visit the Stockton Information Directory for a full range of information and advice available for adults.


Safe Place Scheme

Safe Place Schemes are places in the community where people who need extra support can go if they need some help. This 'help' can range from a phone call to home to ask a relative to pick them up or help with directions.

Most people who use these schemes have a learning disability and often just the knowledge that schemes are in place makes people feel safe and able to go out and about more independently.

Members of the schemes already use places in Stockton, for shopping, leisure, travel, sport etc. but now know that they could get extra help from them if needed.

The schemes are in various places all across Teesside and are supported by the Police, Fire Brigade and local councils.

Safe Places will:

  • Register with the Police and local council and display the logo in a place that people can see it e.g. a window
  • Recognise the logo shown if somebody comes in for help and make sure their staff know how to help, reassure the vulnerable person who is asking for assistance, ring their emergency contact person who will deal with the crisis and record who has used the scheme.

If you live in Stockton and would like to be a member of the scheme or become a safe place venue in the Stockton area please contact First Contact (details as above).



Stockton Council is pioneering a new approach to helping people with learning disabilities access all that their local community has to offer.

The STEPs project offers support to people with learning disabilities so they can discover and explore the many activities, facilities and organisations that exist within their local area. STEPs forms part of the Council’s continuing work to modernise and transform Adult Services to improve choice and provide more flexible options for local people. For further information please contact the STEPs team on telephone: 01642 524525 or by email:


Lanark Short Breaks Service

Lanark Short Breaks Service is a purpose built facility, which offers planned short breaks and emergency support to any person with an identified learning disability aged 18-65 years old who live in the Borough.

The activities offered include baking, cooking, arts and crafts, a gym, a sensory support room, a games room, a garden as well as access to community facilities.

Lanark Short Breaks Service received an 'Outstanding' rating from its most recent Care Quality Commission inspection in 2017.


CQC Overall Rating:


See the report.

For more information or to arrange a visit please contact the Lanark Short Breaks Service on 01642 527842.

Private Providers

Milewood Healthcare offers care services for learning disabled adults. Visit the Milewood Healthcare website for further information.

Real Life Options is a specialist service provider with experience, skills and expertise in providing support for people with learning disabilities and high support needs. They offer a range of specialist services and a variety of service models that can offer flexible support, choice and freedom to find a constructive way forward. Visit the Real Life Options website for further information.