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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for the care we provide

Personal budgets / direct payments

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Stockton on Tees Borough Council is committed to putting all our customers at the heart of all we do. For Adult Social Care this means doing everything we can, where you have eligible social care needs. To be person centered in the way support and care is provided.

Self-Directed Support is an important step to personalising social care services. People who qualify for social care services now have the option of getting help to arrange their own support using a Personal Budget, or where the person prefers, the Council will arrange that support on their behalf.

We want to give people greater control over how their Personal Budget is used. People will be able to choose who will help them organise and deliver their support.

We are following a seven-step approach to help you have choice and control over the support and services you need. These seven steps are:

1. My Money - finding out how much I am entitled to
2. Making my Plan
3. Getting my plan agreed
4. Organising my money
5. Organising my support
6. Living my life
7. Seeing how it's worked

More information on the council's approach to self-directed support is given in our fact sheets.

You can also find more information about Self Directed Support on the In Control website.


Contact the Personalisation Support Service

We recognise that it is important for you to get the most out of your Personal Budget and so we have commissioned a support service to provide advice and guidance relating to finances, employment information and queries relating to your personal budget. The contact details are as follows.

Address: Stockton Personalisation Support Service, Stockton Borough Council, Queensway House, West Precinct, Billingham, TS23 2NL

Telephone: 01642 527470



Integrated Personal Commissioning

NHS Hartlepool and Stockton on Tees Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in partnership with North Tees and Hartlepool Foundation Trust, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council and Catalyst (representing the voluntary and community sector in Stockton-on-Tees) have been selected by the government to be an Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) pathfinder.

This means that patients who are over 65 with long term health conditions in Stockton on Tees are now being offered the opportunity to have greater control over their own personal health and social care budgets.

For the first time there will be a blending of comprehensive health and social care funding for individuals, allowing them to direct how it is used.  GPs will identify patients that are suitable for the programme and the aim is that over 5000 people will benefit from IPC by 2018.

The aim of IPC is to help people with complex needs and their carers have a better quality of life and achieve the outcomes that are important to them and their families. It encourages self-management and will enable support to be designed around individual needs and circumstances and prevent the crises in people’s lives that lead to unplanned hospital and institutional care.

The benefits are that patients will be given greater power and support to shape their own care and it will be easier for the NHS, local authorities and providers to work together and be flexible for the benefit of patients. The voluntary sector will be a key partner in designing effective approaches, supporting individuals and driving cultural change.

Councillor Jim Beall, Stockton Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Services and Health, said: “This scheme will be of real benefit to people who are over 65 with long-term conditions in Stockton-on-Tees. For the first time they will be offered the opportunity to take greater control over their health and social care budgets to purchase care and support. This builds on the success of social care direct payments and personal health budgets pooled together to purchase care and support. This builds on the success of separate social care direct payments and personal health budgets, in that it brings these together to promote seamless care.”

Visit the Support for older people page for further information. 


Making it Real

Stockton Borough Council is committed to offering the best service for our Service Users and Carers. With this in mind we have created the Making it Real Action Plan co-produced with current Service Users and carers who use Personal Budgets. The action plan details our commitment to improving the services we offer and how we will move forward with self-directed support.

Visit the Making it Real website for further information.