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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for the care we provide

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Equipment, adaptations and meals

support for older people

If you think you need an adaptation to your home to help you to live independently then the first thing to do is to get in touch with the First Contact Team for an assessment.

They will complete a referral form on your behalf and forward your request to the occupational therapy team who will then contact you to assess your needs and recommend the most cost effective solution.


Contact First Contact for an Assessment

Telephone: 01642 527764

Fax: 01642 527756

Minicom: 01642 527769

Email: [email protected]

                               Complete the online Health and Social Care enquiry form                          


Grants and loan schemes

Depending on your financial circumstances there may be a charge for the equipment or adaptation. The Occupational Health Assessment team can provide information about this. Disabled Facility Grants and an Equipment Loan Schemes are available to help in some circumstances. You can find out more about these in the following ways.


Stockton Independent Living Centre

You can also get advice and information about equipment and adaptations at the Stockton Independent Living Centre (SILC). SILC is an equipment demonstration centre based in Hardwick, where you can try disability equipment so that you can decide which things are right for you before buying. It is open to the public by appointment on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and provides the following services.

  • Free expert advice, assessment and demonstration of equipment and adaptations
  • Access to a Disability Information Advisor who can provide information on a whole range of issues, and who can visit you at home to help complete disability benefits forms
  • Equipment exhibitions and demonstrations
  • Specialist equipment training facilities
  • Contact details for local stockists

 Equipment available includes:

  • Bathing equipment to help you in / out of the bath or to help with showering
  • Profiling beds and equipment to help you get in/out of bed safely
  • Toileting equipment to help you on/off the toilet
  • Kitchen equipment and an adapted kitchen
  • Fully working Telecare equipment for demonstration on how you can be supported at home
  • Demonstration stairlift

Read the Stockton Independent Living Centre booklet - to help you find out what you need.

Contact the Stockton Independent Living Centre for further information on telephone: 01642 524750 or email: [email protected].



A number of organisations deliver meals to people who have difficulty shopping, getting food home or cooking for themselves.

  • Royal Voluntary Service Meals care deliver over six million meals a year to people who have difficulty with shopping, carrying food home or cooking for themselves.
  • Wiltshire Farm Foods - Home Delivery is the UK’s leading meals delivery service. Their meals are prepared in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, frozen the moment they are cooked, and delivered across the UK & Northern Ireland through a network of local outlets. They can offer the perfect way for you or a relative to eat well, without having to worry about long trips to the supermarket, preparing food, or managing boiling pots and pans.


Stockton Information Directory

The Stockton Information Directory provides information and advice on a range of services and opportunities for adults across the borough of Stockton. The wide range of services include information and advice on where local groups or leisure activities are taking place, what help you can get to remain in your own home as well as housing and care home information, and much more.

Visit the Stockton Information Directory for a full range of services available for adults.