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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for the care we provide

Care Call: alarms, detectors and sensors

support for older people

We provide a home safety and personal security system enabling you to live independently within your own home.

Using a 24 hour telephone link to our Care Call service, with help of our Telecare technology, we provide piece of mind for you and your family and loved ones, knowing that there is always someone on hand to help day or night.


Care Call

Care Call provides an emergency response service at the touch of a button 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The small, discrete alarm unit is linked to your phone and gives a very quick contact to our state-of-the-art Monitoring Centre, where trained officers will then respond by telephone or in person. It is easy to install with no disruption to your life. Depending on the nature of the call we can contact the emergency services, doctors, friends and relatives and when necessary send our mobile officers to you for assistance. While you wait for someone to arrive, our staff will maintain contact with you. If you would like to discuss your requirements or see a free, no obligation demonstration, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Care Call service is a registered member of the Telecare Services Association (TSA) and we measure our performance against the national standards set by the TSA. We have TSA accreditation which means that Stockton is now the highest ranking of all local authorities and Registered Social Landlords accredited within the Tees Valley Region.

In the last year we answered 97.5% of calls within 1 minute against the national standard of 97.5%. We responded to 99.6% of emergency calls for assistance (i.e. staff arrived at the address) within 45 minutes against a national standard of 90%. We also exceeded our own more stringent targets on response times by responding to 98.3% of emergency calls for assistance within 30 minutes.



Our Telecare system uses a series of sensors to monitor for potentially dangerous situations in your home, such as floods, fire, gas leaks, falls, accidents and intruders. It also provides a security solution to protect you, your belongings and your home.

When a sensor is activated, by smoke for example, it sends a radio signal to the monitoring unit, which then calls the 24-hour Care Call Centre where trained operators can take appropriate action. The Telecare system means that help can be raised 24 hours a day. The system also allows two-way speech between you and the centre. When used as part of an agreed package of care, Telecare can help you to avoid a hospital stay or put off moving into a residential care home.

Telecare is being used to support a wide range of people, including:

  • People living with specific long term health conditions, notably dementia, heart failure and stroke victims
  • People at risk of falling at home, or at risk from other household dangers such as fire or flood
  • People requiring rehabilitation and/or intermediate care services to enable them to return home successfully
  • People with learning difficulties or cognitive impairment
  • People with sensory or physical impairments
  • Other groups of vulnerable people of all ages, including lone workers, victims of crime, domestic abuse, racial abuse, even witness protection
  • Carers, both formal and informal
  • Family members and friends of people living independently in their own homes.

A sample of some of the Telecare sensors available are:

  • Bed and chair occupancy sensor - provides an early warning by alerting that the user has left their bed or chair and not returned within a preset time period, indicating a potential fall. The sensor can also be programmed to switch on lights, helping people find their way to and from bed easily.
  • Epilepsy sensor - this state of the art sensor monitors the user's vital signs including heart rate and breathing patterns to detect a range of epileptic seizures. The sensor eliminates the need for carers to make physical checks, promoting independence and dignity.
  • Flood detector - provides an early warning of flood situations, such as taps being left on.
  • Carbon monoxide detector (wireless) - warns of dangerous CO levels providing unrivalled levels of accuracy and reliability.
  • Natural gas detector - provides an early warning of dangerous levels of gas. Can be linked to the gas 'shut-off' valve to automatically cut the gas supply off, if a leak is detected.
  • Temperature extremes sensor - monitors for low and high temperature extremes in addition to the rate of rise in temperature. This sensor helps to minimise the risks associated with changes in temperature, including the build-up of heat in a kitchen and the risk of sustained periods of cold weather.
  • Fall detector - detects falls and raises an alert to the monitoring centre or designated carer.
  • Property exit sensor - monitors for people leaving a building at unusual times of day or night. It can also detect if a main exit door has been left open and can be linked to external lighting to provide added protection.

In the majority of cases, Telecare is funded through individual care packages, using financial assessments. However, self-funding packages are available on request.

There is a one-off installation charge for Care Call & Telecare Services of £72.00 plus VAT, this will be advised prior to installation.  

Our agreement with you allows you to access the service for up to 21 days before we request any payment. If at any time during this period you wish to terminate your agreement with us, the equipment will be removed without any charge. However the installation fee will still be payable.

Visit the Telecare Services Association website for further information on Telecare services.

If you would like further information about these services contact:

Telephone: 01642 524000

Address: The Square, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 1TE

                                        Complete the online Care Call Enquiry form                                       


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