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Protection of your property whilst in care

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We provide a service for people who have no relatives or friends willing or able to look after their home and personal property during periods of admission to hospital or residential care.

Section 48 of the National Assistance Act 1948 places a duty on the Local Authority to protect your moveable property when:

  • You are admitted to any hospital.
  • You are admitted to a home provided under Part III of the Act.
  • You are admitted to any other place under Section 47(3) of the Act.

If it appears that you are temporarily or permanently unable to deal with or protect your property and that no other arrangements have been or are being made to protect it.

As soon as the worker involved with your care is aware that your property needs protecting. They will make arrangements for the building to be secured, which means taking reasonable steps such as locking doors and shutting windows.

Permission from you as the owner or tenant will be sought to enter the property, unless you are unable to give it due to reasons of ill health. We will:

  • Visit your home on a regular basis to carry out routine checks.
  • Complete an inventory of the contents of large items, such as furniture. We will also make a record of perishables we dispose of.
  • Remove small portable valuable items such as cash, cheque books, benefit books etc. from your home and keep them in safe storage until you are able to return home.
  • Alert the police that you are not at home and that we hold a key for emergencies.
  • Take particular attention to ensure that pets are properly looked after as we recognise their importance to you. Animals are taken to boarding facilities until you are able to return home.

Your Social Worker/Care Co-ordinator will be able to give you more information or you can contact the First Contact Team.


Contact First Contact

Telephone: 01642 527764

Fax: 01642 527756

Minicom: 01642 527769