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Luke John Frost

Councillor Luke John Frost

Councillor Luke-John Frost represents Mandale and Victoria Ward and was elected in May 2019

Ward Surgeries

To join one of the Virtual Ward Surgeries please email Councillor Frost for an appointment.

13 September 20225pm to 7:30pm
30 September 20225pm to 7:30pm
16 October 20222pm to 4pm
24 October 20225pm to 7:30pm
4 November 20222:30pm to 4pm
12 November 202211:30am to 1pm
21 November 20226pm to 7:30pm
4 December 202210am to 11:30am
13 December 20226pm to 7:30pm
22 December 20225pm to 6:30pm
6 January 20235:30pm to 7pm
16 January 20236pm to 7:30pm
31 January 20235:30pm to 7pm



You can contact your Ward Councillors with any concerns you may have. If you wish to discuss any ward issues face-to-face please contact Councillor Luke Frost for an appointment.


Telephone: 07818 587067

Cleveland Police

Information on your local Neighbourhood Team

Stop smoking

The Stockton and Hartlepool Stop Smoking Service offers drop-in sessions across the Borough for those who wish to give up smoking. You can get help from trained advisors and prescriptions for treatments, such as nicotine replacement, or other supporting medication.

For more details of the service call 01642 383819 or visit the NHS stop smoking website.

Acceptable use

Councillors will represent you regardless of political persuasion. These webpages are provided to the Councillor by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council and are subject to an acceptable use policy. If you think that these pages are not being used accordingly please call 01642 527064.