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Borough-wide car parking strategy and Yarm

In December 2010, Cabinet agreed the principle of charging for car parking specifically in Yarm, but stated that it should be introduced as part of a Borough wide review of parking charges.  Cabinet approved the Borough wide car parking strategy in December 2011, the arising recommendations included the introduction of car parking charges in Yarm.

In March 2012 a Judicial Review of the decision was granted, which effectively prevented any steps being taken to progress the introduction of parking charges in Yarm.

The Judicial Review concluded in Leeds High Court over two days on 23 August and 28 September 2012, with judgement being handed down on 3 October 2012. The application of judicial review was dismissed which confirmed that the original Cabinet decision to introduce pay and display could proceed. 

In January 2013, Cabinet authorised the Head of Technical Services, in consultation with the Cabinet Member of Regeneration and Transport, to proceed through to the statutory consultation process for the implementation of the changes to parking arrangements in Yarm. 

Cabinet also agreed there would be a review of the impacts of pay and display parking charges 12 months after introduction of the scheme.


Yarm car parking research report

In Yarm, the Borough and Town Councils, working in partnership commissioned independent market research to look at parking and seek the views of residents, businesses and visitors. This showed a need to increase availability of short stay spaces and provide more long stay parking.

Short stay
To increase the availability of spaces, pay and display is proposed which would allow motorists a flexible approach, whether staying ten minutes or several hours, using a clear and easy to manage system, seen in most towns and cities. 

Long stay
Additional long stay car parking continues to be a priority.  Stockton Council remains committed to providing a long stay car park in the town. Additional long stay parking facilities would assist in reducing pressure on short stay parking in the High Street and surrounding residential areas.  The Council continues to work with private landowners to develop under used land around Yarm High Street for long stay parking and has been authorised by Cabinet to use Compulsory purchase Powers if necessary.  Encouraging progress on securing suitable sites in the vicinity of Yarm High Street is being made and is estimated could provide in the region of 76 off street spaces.

There are also proposals advertised for 24 hour waiting restrictions on the roads surrounding Yarm High Street that would be marked on the ground as double yellow lines that should reduce the instances of obstructive parking by giving greater clarity to motorists where they should avoid parking. These proposals aim to address the obstructive parking practices which have an impact upon traffic movements,  that have previously been reported to the Council by local residents.


Recent events

The statutory consultation phase ended on 19 July 2013.

A meeting of Stockton Council's Appeals and Complaints Committee was held on Tuesday, 10 September 2013.

Members of the Committee considered representations received during the statutory consultation period relating to the following Traffic Regulation Orders:

Traffic Regulation Order A67 Hight Street, Yarm 2013
(includes pay and display, dedicated parking spaces and waiting restrictions on the High Street).

Off-Street Parking Places Order 2013
(Old Market and Castle Dyke Wynd long stay car parks).

Yarm Town Centre Area (Prohibition of Waiting) Order 2013
(waiting restrictions on roads adjacent to the High Street).

Notice of proposed modification to the Traffic Regulation Order A67 High Street, Yarm 2013 was given on Tuesday,  22 October 2013.

Stockton Council sought representations on the recommendations of the commitee to modify the proposed order as follows:

1. To increase the initial free period of parking from 30 minutes to one hour.

2. To introduce a maximum stay on the High Street for all vehicles of up to three hours.

Representations closed on 13 November 2013.  Replies will not be provided to each representation but all relevant representations will be considered by the Head of Technical Services prior to determining whether to make the order with or without modification. The notice of making of the order, with or without modifications, will be published in due course and information will be posted on the Council’s website.

Notices and decision letter
View the notice for Yarm High Street, the notice for off-street parking (the Old Market Car Park and Castle Dyke Wynd Car Park) and the decision letter for both notices.


Other supporting information

The following documents provide useful supporting information:

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