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Big plans for an outstanding Borough

The Borough of Stockton-on-Tees deserves ambitious thinking. So we are driving  projects which will bring economic prosperity and create  jobs.

We’re creating new, vibrant  and animated town centres  that are at the very heart of our  community.

Town centres full of energy and opportunity. Town centres that will transform the look, feel and spirit of the area  for decades to come. We want  the future of our Borough to be dynamic, exciting and inviting. 

In these pages you'll find details of all you need to know about doing business in Stockton, why Stockton is good for business and details of how to travel to and around the Borough.

This particular page will be updated with information about our policies and plans so that you are able to keep up to date with key developments,


Scrutiny of Economic Regeneration and Transport Policies

The Council's Regeneration & Transport Select Committee monitors and evaluates the way in which we work and how policies are being implemented and developed.


Local Economic Assessment

We are producing a Local Economic Assessment which is a study of the current state and future potential of Stockton Borough's economy. A copy will be available soon.

For more information contact Regeneration and Economic Development on telephone (01642) 526471 or email:


Regeneration Strategy

Find out more about Stockton Council's Regeneration Strategy and executive summary featuring ambitious plans to transform the Borough of Stockton.

The Regeneration Strategy is currently under review and an update will be available soon.

For more information contact Regeneration and Economic Development on telephone (01642) 526471 or email:


The Local Transport Plan

The Local Transport Plan sets out Stockton Council's plans for maintaining and improving the local transport system over a five-year period. You can also view our consultation exercise, environmental assessment report and ourSustainable Travel Strategy.

For more information contact Technical Services on telephone (01642) 526709 or email


Local Development Framework

The Local Development Framework and glossary are a collection of documents which sets out future planning policies and proposed land uses for the borough.

Stockton Council has adopted a number of Local Development Framework Documents including a Core Strategy in 2010 and a number of Supplementary Planning Documents.

We are now producing and maintaining a Local Plan, made up of Local Development Documents and Supplementary Planning Documents.

For more information contact Spatial Planning on telephone (01642) 526050 or Email:


Thornaby Road A174 Link Road Congestion Relief

Stockton Council has secured £3.3 million of government funding towards a scheme to tackle traffic pinch points which clog up traffic flow.

The funding was announced by Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for the Department for Transport, in September 2013 and will see Stockton Council carry out works to ease congestion.

Works are expected to start on the £4.8million Thornaby Road A174/A1044 Congestion Relief Scheme in May 2014 and are planned to be complete by early 2015.

The scheme will dual the A174 Parkway Extension between the A174/A1044 junction, where capacity improvements will also be made to complement the already secured Highways Agency improvements and the A19/A174 Trunk Road interchange.  

In addition the combined proposals will create new access to the Teesside Industrial Estate both reducing congestion and encouraging growth.

Detailed design on the scheme will start shortly, following consultation with local residents.

For further information please contact the Technical Services team on (01642) 526709 or email

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