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New name for Stockton ward

Thursday, Feb 13 2014

The Hardwick Ward of Stockton Borough will have a new name from 17 February.

At a Special Council meeting held on 11 December, Stockton Borough councillors agreed to change the name of the ward to Hardwick and Salters Lane Ward after a number of residents said it better reflected the identity of the community.

The decision was taken at Council following a consultation with residents living in the ward. 456 people responded to the consultation. 294 were in agreement with changing the ward name, 151 people were against the change and 11 respondents had no view.

The change will take effect on 17 February 2014 when the Council publishes its revised Register of Electors.

Councillor David Harrington, Stockton Council’s Cabinet Member for Corporate Management, said: “Residents told us that they thought Hardwick and Salters Lane Ward better reflected the identity of their community. We asked people living in the ward for their views and were pleased to get a good response to the consultation.

“There will be no cost in making this change as this will take effect when we publish the new Register of Electors in February.”

The Council consulted on the proposed change by sending a consultation letter to all residents of the existing Hardwick Ward with their annual voter registration.

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