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Stockton Council serves the towns of Stockton, Norton, Billingham, Thornaby, Ingleby Barwick and Yarm




We pride ourself on being open, honest and fair, on delivering value for money and setting the highest standards of public service. Here you'll find information about all our Council services :

Regeneration and Transport

Here you'll find all you need to know about doing business in the Borough, about our economic regeneration and everything to do with transport in the area.

Arts, Culture
and Leisure

We want people to enjoy a  wealth of experiences that will  stir, surprise, and delight. Here you'll find information about our fabulous range of:    

and Housing

We want people to be proud of our Borough. We're taking genuine care to keep our streets clean, our parks carefully tended and housing affordable and desirable.  Look here for information on:

Children and
Young People

Every single child in the Borough is important to us.   Here you'll find all you need to know about:



Here you'll find details of the Safer Stockton Partnership and many important services such as:


We believe that every person in our community has a lifelong right to be treated with dignity and to receive the attention, care and assistance they require. Here you'll find details of:

Health and

We want everyone to be fit and healthy and to stay that way. Here you'll find information about:




Communities lie at the very heart of what makes the Borough so strong and so amazing. This is why we encourage, support and recognise  those who want to become involved. Look here for information about:

Women's running group

Stockton Council helps women and girls run with confidence

Women across Stockton Borough are being encouraged to take on a new challenge and give running a try.

Farmer Market

Cooking up a treat

Stockton Farmers’ Market will be cooking up a treat inspired by a trio of TV chefs to celebrate its brand new autumn season on Saturday 27 September.


Wartime stories take centre stage this weekend

Wartime stories take centre stage this weekend

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Three week extension to Newport Bridge closure

The repainting of the Newport Bridge is under way but it will remain closed to vehicles for three weeks longer than expected.

Appeal for injured puppy thumbnail

Appeal for information about injured puppy

Stockton Council is appealing for information after an injured puppy found abandoned in a hedge in Yarm had to have a leg amputated.


Have you registered yet?

Make sure you register to vote. That is the message from Stockton Council which is encouraging residents who are not on the voter register to sign up for Individual Electoral Registration (IER).


Join Stockton's big community switch to save money on your fuel bills

Stockton Council is once again inviting residents to find out more about a collective energy switch which could see them significantly reduce their gas and electricity bills.

Specialist Markets

Specialist Markets

Join us for our celebration of the best of outdoor shopping in 2014. This year is going to be even better as we grow our ever popular range of specialist markets throughout the year.
Until 11/09/2014

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